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Welcome  to  AOCA

Organic Mango Mr. Dorairaj is receiving certificate from Dr. Vandana Shiva AOCA Inspector with farmer Inspecting the processing unit Inspection Team of AOCA in the field Inspection Team of AOCA with farmers in the field Photo of Organic Brinjal Organic Red Chillies are being dried Sorting & Packaging of Organic Pomegranate for Sale Tea Garden Thrashing Paddy after Hervesting

Apof Organic Certification Agency (AOCA) is an independent not-for-profit NGO.

Independent   not-for-profit   NGO...

Apof Organic Certification Agency (AOCA) is an independent not-for-profit NGO, committed to the cause of providing most efficient and affordable inspection and certification service to the farmers of India. The people behind this organization have gained vast experience in organic agricultural practices through exposure in India and abroad and participated in a large number of training programs specialized in Inspection and Certification procedures.

Inspection   &   Certification...

AOCA is committed to providing inspection and certification services to meet the requirements of thousands of farmers in remote areas especially small farmers for their individual farms or for group certification requirements. Eventually the certification activities will end up in the availability of certified and guaranteed organic agricultural produce to millions of consumers in India and abroad.

Registration  &   Accreditation...

AOCA is registered under Karnataka Societies Registration Act of 1960. The Registration No. is BLU-S977-2005 dated 20-12-2005. AOCA has been accredited by the National Accreditation Body of India through APEDA for providing Inspection and Certification services as per NPOP. The Accreditation No. is   NPOP/NAB/0012 Dated 10-12-2007.